International Alliance of Waste Pickers


As you await the 1st Elective Congress of the International Alliance of Waste Pickers, are you curious to learn more about the important points of discussion as well as the procedures to be followed?

Here are all the documents you need to read about the Congress:


A selection of the key events:

Travel guide for participants

Information needed before the Congress.

Delegate’s guide to IAWP Congress 2024

We provide a short document that wants to be a summary and introduction to all the the information about the Congress (rules, committees, elections, etc.).

Resolution proposals and Constitution Amendments

Here, you can read resolutions submitted by the International Alliance of Waste Picker’s affiliates. This is especially meant for the resolutions committee to consider and the delegates to discuss prior to, and vote for, during Congress. The International Alliance of Waste Picker’s affiliates organizations have proposed 3 amendments to the Constitution.

Congress procedures

During the Congress, we will be following a structured procedure that has been laid out. To familiarize yourself with these procedures, do read these documents below!


Independent Elections Committee