International Alliance of Waste Pickers


From May 1-5, 2024 we will be busy with events that will bring together delegates, guests and observers from around the world.

We will celebrate march for Workers Day, celebrate our diverse cultures, debate and deliberate, vote, look out for our future representatives and much more!

Follow us along on our 5 day journey through our first ever Elective Congress:

7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Registration of participants. Credentials Committee
8:30 Refunds to Europe and North America
9:30 Departure towards Mobilization
10:00 Participation of the delegation in the May 1 Mobilization for International Workers’ Day
12:00 Back to the hotel
12:30 Lunch


  1. Congress Rules of Order, Logistics and Agenda, 30’ 
  2. Validation of Committees: 60’
    • Credentials
    • Resolutions
    • Complaints
    • Independent Elections
  3. Validation of remote voting, proxy and electronic voting 30’
  4. Presentation of candidates for office bearers (5 min each) 30’

17:00 Welcome from the host country: 15’

  1. Jacqui Flores, Undersecretary of MSW and Circular Economy PBA (Subsecretaría de RSU y Economía Circular PBA), 5’
  2. Maria Castillo, Provincial Director of Productive Integration OPISU (Directora Provincial de Integración Productiva OPISU, PBA) , 5’
  3. Dina Sánchez, Deputy General Secretary, UTEP 5’

19:30 Inaugural dinner and cultural integration night

Moderators of the day:
– European Region: Ali Mendillioğlu (İstanbul Geri Dönüşüm İşçileri Derneği, Turkey).
– Independent Election Committee.

6:00 Breakfast
8:00 Refunds to the Latin America Region
9:00 Election Day Presentation
10:00 Election of Office Bearers
10:30 Coffee Break and Refunds Latin America Region
11:00 Election of Office Bearers
12:45 Lunch
14:15 Election of Office Bearers
16:00 Coffee Break and Refunds Latin America Region
16:30 Presentation of additional members to the Executive Council, by region

17:15 Sisters unions salutes: 15’

  1. Alberto Santana, Vice-President, Streetnet International (SNI), 2’
  2. Carmen Britez, International Domestic Workers Federation (IDWF), 2’
  3. Homenet International (HNI), 2’
  4. Patricia Alonso (IUF/UITA), 2’
  5. Maria Soledad Calle, UOM, IndustriAL, 2’
  6. Pedro Wasiejko, secretario general FeTIA, 2’
  7. Iván González, policy coordinator Trade Union Confederation of the Americas (CSA), 2’
  8. Nigerian government officer (video),
  9. Omar Giuliani, CTA Autónoma 2´
  10. Carlos Yasky, CTA de los Trabajadores 2´

17:30 Tribute to our history: 60’

  1. Silvio Ruiz (ANR, Colombia founder), Tribute of leaders lost on behalf of all 15’
  2. Marty Chen (WIEGO, board member and founder), Homage of organizers we learn from 15’
  3. Rizk Yosif (Zahabaleen, Egypt), oldest waste picker organization in the world 15’
  4. Samuel LeCoeur (Amelior, France, director), Waste picker organization from recycling history 15’

Report from Acting General Secretary to Congress 45’ with 45’ for Q&A

18:00 Oath of elected authorities
19:00 Dinner

Day 3: Friday, May 3rd

Moderators of the day:
– Africa region, Abdoulaye Bangoura (EGIG newest IAWP affiliate) with IAWP President
– Resolutions Committee

6:00 Breakfast
8:00 Refunds to the Asia Pacific Region
9:00 Presentation of the day
9:15 Presentation of sent resolutions
10:30 Coffee Break and Refunds to the Asia Pacific Region
11:00 Approval of resolutions
12:45 Lunch
14:15 Approval of resolutions
15:00 Guest arrival
16:30 Closing of the elections
17:00 Coffee Break and Refunds to the Asia Pacific Region
17:30 Transfer to the CGT headquarters
18:00 Public presentation of the AIR and its new authorities
20:30 Dinner

More information about field visits.

Moderators of the day:
– Latin America region: Teresita de Jesús Obando Obando (MNPRBCR Costa Rica, newest IAWP affiliate) and IAWP President
FACCYR UTEP for hosting the visits ALL DAY

6:00BreakfastBreakfast Room – Basement
8:00Transfer to FACCyR cooperativesMain Hall
8:30Conversation about street workingStreets of Avellaneda, Buenos Aires
10:00Visit to the Cooperativa Recicladores Unidos de Avellaneda, member of the FACCyRUnited Recyclers Cooperative of Avellaneda
13:00LunchUnited Recyclers Cooperative of Avellaneda
15:00Return to the hotelHotel
15:15Reimbursement Region AfricaFoyer Gaudi Room
15:30Free afternoon for sightseeing in Buenos AiresStreets of Buenos Aires
19:00International FestivalVenue (outside the hotel)

6:00 Breakfast
8:30 Documentary Screening “Patria Cartonera”
9:00 Transfer to see FACCyR cooperatives
9:15 Exchange on street work
10:00 Visit to one of the properties of the Amanecer de los Cartoneros Cooperative, closed due to intentional fire
11:00 Visit to the United Recyclers Cooperative of Avellaneda, member of the FACCyR
13:00 Lunch
16:00 Cultural field visits – free afternoon to visit Buenos Aires
19:00 International Festival

Argentina time zone

Moderators of the day:
– North American Region: Françoise Gendron (Coop. Les Valoristes, Canada) and IAWP President
-IAWP Staff’s Advocacy team and Taylor Cass Talbott (Advocacy Coordinator)

7:00 Breakfast

Moderator: Nohra Padilla (ANR, Colombia, oldest organization in Latin America) and Amira El Halabi (IAWP staff, Africa Coordinator) 5’

  1. Nohra Padilla (ANR, Colombia), Experiences in resisting threats 15’
  2. Sarika Vikas Karadkar (Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat-KKPKP, India), Defending waste pickers against police brutality, pursuing the extension of contracts for waste management, provision of slum waste collection. 15’
  3. Alessandro Stillo (Rete ONU, Italy), Defending against evictions from public space 15’
  4. Katie Lindsay (Portland City government, OR, USA), Advocating at the city level for contracts that hire waste pickers to provide basic waste collection for houseless waste pickers in USA 15’
  5. Alejandro Mena (ANARCH, Chile) and Graciela Mora (IAWP Communications), Fire Report: fires in waste pickers’ infrastructures around the world report 15’
  6. Tania Espinosa (WIEGO), Human Rights perspective to defend waste pickers rights 15’

Coffee Break and Refunds Region

11:30 Session 2: Organizing for just transition!

Moderators: Pinakini Ben (SEWA, India) with Ananda Tan (Just Transition Alliance, Canada) 5’

  1. Pinakini Ben (SEWA, India, oldest union in the region/world) 15’
  2. Celeste Jaqueline Infante y Paulina Margarita Gonzalez (FACCyR, Argentina), How is waste picker salary composed? 15’
  3. Johnson Doe (IAWP, Green Cooperative Society of Ghana Ghana), Use of WIEGO and IAWP greenhouse gas emissions calculator and other tools to demonstrate the toxicity of open burning in Kpone and advocate for just transition out of the dumpsite and into waste collection.15’
  4. Adja Mame Seyini Paye Diop (Bokk Diom, Senegal), For unionization and cooperativism, and piloting of livelihood alternatives for a just transition, 15’
  5. Joaquin Etorena, (Argentina), ILO, Green Jobs for a Just Transition 10’
  6. Global Unions guests 10’

12:45 Lunch

Moderators: Maditlhare Koena (SAWPA, Africa) and Kabir Arora (IAWP staff, Asia Pacific Coordinator) 15’

  1. Carolina Urmeneta (Global Methane Hub, Director of circular economy for the Americas) 10’
  2. Gonzalo Muñoz, High Level Climate Action Champion Cop 25, Chile 10’
  3. Alexandro Cardoso and María Mónica Da Silva (Unicatadores, Brazil) and Climate Change, with Sonia Días, WIEGO Brasil, 15’
  4. Plastic Treaty IAWP Working Group Report; Indumathi (TSS, India) and Soledad Mella (ANARCH, Chile), Reporting achievements and challenges, 15’
  5. Juan Pablo Celis, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC) secretariat 10’

16:30 Conclusion of from the day moderators 30’

  • Carolina Palacio, IAWP Organizational Development
  • IAWP president closing remarks for the entire congress

Farewell snack
19:00 Optional dinner